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Product name:Melamine MDF

Update time:2016-8-10 16:43:25
  product description

  MDF, also known as fiberboard, is a man-made sheet of wood fiber or other plant fiber as raw material, applied urea-formaldehyde resin or other suitable adhesive titles.

  Our products are of good quality and reasonable price. The indicators have reached the national standard requirements. And adopted the Swiss SGS S.A. Group formaldehyde emission testing and certification standards of the US CRBB FGS certification.

  Product Grade: CARB P2 E0 E1 E2

  Thickness: 2mm - 30mm

  Size: 1220 * 24,401,220 * 30,501,220 * 36,601,220 * 48,801,830 * 27,452,440 * 30,502,440 48,802,070 * 2500 *

  MDF Advantages:

  1. The plate surface smooth

  2. natural wood fibers

  3. The material stability, good fastness

  4. The core material dense, smooth natural environment

  Main purpose: door, wall, furniture, plates, interior decoration, office furniture.