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Product name:Pine Plywood

Update time:2016-8-10 16:09:43
  Plywood is bonded together by a number of thin veneer or cork or hardwood.

  The number of these boards is odd, each layer is formed below the vertical angle, which makes the material more strength and toughness.

  Double-sided adhesive tape plywood type is a particular form.

  Suitability depends on the grade plywood glue for external or internal use adhesive layer plywood together to complete the quality varies greatly,

  Some plywood particulate can contain knot. Some can even paste plywood melamine paper or a polyester film, in order to meet certain requirements,

  The abrasion resistant, waterproof, fire, etc. It is connected to the most primitive natural veneer surface durable core,

  Our plywood provides strength wood, but with higher efficiency and toughness. .

  It can even create or form a natural form of flexibility. Natural vertical form vertical pull strengthen the overall increase.

  Due to a huge selection of high-grade veneer substrate directly selected for a wide range of applications panel sizes and thicknesses,

  We can even provide a pre-project for hardwood plywood.

  In addition, we produce most of the products are in their own factory equipment were plated, laminated, sanding and so on.

  So we begin and end products are controlled and maintained high quality standards.

  ● Comm ercial plywood ordinary plywood

  ● film faced plywood boards covered

  ● plywood door skin plywood door skin

  ● melamine faced plywood melamine panels

  ● fancy plywood plywood

  ● polyester plywood polyester plywood